Overcrowded destinations in high season, deserted places in low season. Seasonal fluctuations of tourist arrivals exist in most destinations and lead to a myriad of problems. You as a hotelier are one of the sufferers.


We believe that it is the responsibility of the entire tourism industry to minimise the problems that tourism brings and enhance its positive effects.


That is why we have set out to address the problem of seasonal fluctuations and set ourselves the goal of distributing tourist flows more evenly throughout the year. This is the only way to achieving a balance between financial benefits and quality of life in the destination.

Destinations that are attractive and enjoyable for both,
visitors, and locals.
All year round.

Our vision


With flexidreams, none of your services remain empty even during low season. Our concept helps hotels to increase their turnover especially, but not exclusively, during low and mid-season. At the same time, you will boost the occupancy rate in of your restaurant, spa, golf course etc.


How do we do it? We market your hotel with high quality material and an irresistible offer to attract them to your hotel during less frequented periods; Flexidreams guests receive a flexi-voucher, equal to the price of the overnight stay, free of charge with their booking. This consumption voucher can be used for different services, that the hotel offers.


As it is all about helping you occupy your room when you need it most, we want you to be as flexible as possible. That's why you decide for yourself, based on your occupancy rates, whether to give us a quota or whether to make rooms available only on request - no risk involved.


What are you waiting for? Become a partner now and fill your hotel rooms all year round.


Increased occupancy when you need it 

We help you to bring guests to your hotel when you need it most. In a joint meeting we discuss, when it is particularly important for you to attract more guests and find solutions with which we can make your hotel stand out at these times. In this way, your occupancy rate will be optimised, and not only of your rooms, but of all hotel outlets. 


More turnover in your outlets

Flexidreams guests spend a lot of time in the hotel and use your hotel outlets. They also feel "indebted" because they received a free flexi-voucher. For this reason, they usually spend more in the hotel than the consumption voucher they got.

Qualitative new customers

Our concept and marketing activities are designed to attract qualitative guests, who may be drawn by an appealing offer, but are not focused on the lowest price. 


Local guests

Our concept is also attractive to locals, who like to treat themselves and benefit from your services. If your services are good, they will gladly use them again, possibly without staying overnight. Of course, they are also referral sources for other local customers.


You determine whether to accept or decline a booking request based on your occupancy capacity. You can also provide us with an allotment for suitable periods, so you can avoid dealing with administrating these beds during these times. This way you remain flexible and risk-free.

No fixed costs

Although you as a hotel benefit from our marketing activities and our reach, you do not pay any fixed costs with us, but only a small commission on accommodation rate.

Year-round staff

You have a much lower occupancy rate in the low season and accordingly many temporary workers? With our concept, you can employ your workforce all year round, allowing for good training and higher quality.



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