The concept

Founded in 2020, Flexidreams is a new and innovative start-up that aims to solve one of the problems facing the tourism industry: seasonal fluctuations.


We are a booking platform that specializes in marketing and selling hotel stays during the low and mid season, or other times with availability. In addition, we offer our clients a great deal. So we offer advantages to both guests and hoteliers.


The flexidreams product is a supplementary booking system to the well-known booking forms such as bed and breakfast, half board, full board or all-inclusive.

With flexidreams you pay one but receive double. With us, you pay your regular accommodation rate and receive a consumption voucher, the flexi-voucher, in addition to your hotel stay. 


Booking full board or all-inclusive meals often restrict hotel guests as they do not include all services. In addition, only specific hotels offer these types of meals. With the flexi-voucher, you can decide for yourself which hotel offers you would like to benefit from. 


This way, you can enjoy yourself in beautiful hotels without paying for the services.

The flexi-voucher is a consumption voucher that you receive free of charge with your hotel booking. It has the same value as the room rate you paid and can be redeemed flexibly for hotel services.

The flexidreams concept is based on taking advantage of fluctuating hotel occupancy rates. Through us, hoteliers can increase their occupancy rates during less busy periods, while our customers benefit from an unbeatable price advantage, a win-win situation for all parties involved.


If flexidreams does not have a room allotment at the desired hotel, or the room allotment is already sold out, you must first request availability from flexidreams.

Flexidreams will contact the hotel for you to check availability. You will receive an answer from us via email usually within one working day (Mon - Fri) after receipt of your booking request.

If you receive the answer to your booking request from us, that the desired hotel is available on the requested dates, we will send you a link to pay the booking fee, which is active for 48 hours. During this time, you pay the booking fee and will then receive a binding booking confirmation. If the fee is not paid within 48 hours, your booking request expires, and the availability of the hotel is no longer guaranteed.

In the event of unavailability, we may send you an alternative period or a selection of alternative hotels in the area that are available for the requested period. If you confirm your interest in one of the alternative dates or alternative hotels, we will send you a payment link that will be active for 48 hours. After this time, your booking request will expire, and the availability of the hotel will no longer be guaranteed. If you confirm your interest in one of the alternative dates or alternative hotels, we will send you a payment link that will be active for 48 hours, then your booking request will expire and the availability of the hotel will no longer be guaranteed.

Hotels make their room allotments available to different tour operators. It is therefore possible that the room allotment for flexidreams has already been exhausted while rooms can still be booked through another operator or the hotel directly. In times of high room occupancy rates, it can happen that a hotel rejects our booking request, although some rooms are still available on other booking portals.

Single bookings are possible but associated with a higher accommodation rate per person. How much the accommodation rate changes for single occupancy can be found in the respective hotel description.

Yes, in some of our partner hotels it is possible to travel with children. This depends on the conditions of the hotel and can be found in the respective hotel description. You can see how much children pay on the respective hotel page.

You can see how much children pay on the respective hotel page.

Some of our partner hotels allow pets. You can find the right hotels using our filter search. Please refer to the respective hotel description for conditions and costs.

The overnight rate is only paid upon arrival at the hotel due to the hotels currently more flexible booking options.

That depends on the occupancy of the hotel. If you want to extend your stay before your arrival, flexidreams will take care of this. If you want an extension during your stay, it is best to clarify this directly with the hotel.

The cancellation conditions depend on the hotel and can be found on the respective hotel page. If necessary, the fees incurred in the event of cancellation or no-shows will be debited from your credit card. The booking fee is non-refundable.

If the booking has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances on the part of the hotel, 100% of the booking fee and accommodation rate will be refunded to you.

Since there can always be unforeseen incidents that prevent you from traveling, we advise all our customers to take out travel cancellation insurance that covers you in such cases.

The final price shown includes booking fees as well as the overnight rate to be paid including VAT. Only destination-dependent fees, such as visitor's tax or tourism tax, may have to be paid to the hotel on site. Any additional services used beyond the flexi voucher must be borne by you.

Since services always depend on their availability, we advise you to reserve them directly with the hotel after your booking.

Due to the special concept of flexidreams, you will normally only find the option to book one room category on our website. If you would like to sleep in a higher room category, simply add your desired room category as a comment to your booking request, we will then contact the hotel about this. The room upgrade is only guaranteed if we have confirmed in writing. 


You can find out whether you can offset the room upgrade against the flexi-voucher in the respective hotel description.

Cost and payment

No, like other hotel guests, our customers pay the regular listing price for services offered in the hotel. The services that are included in the room rate for regular guests are also free of charge for our customers.


The only exception are meals. If there is no list price for the meals offered, as they are normally only offered in connection with an overnight stay, for example in the case of breakfast, then our partner team has negotiated a fair price with the hotel that corresponds to the service.

You can find the payment methods under the booking form. Currently you can pay by credit card.

Yes, to receive an invoice for your stay, simply send an email with the invoice details to after your stay to office@flexidreams.com..


The flexi-voucher can be used for all hotel offers. You can find out which offers fall under this category in our hotel description.

Some of the hotel's services are not provided by the property itself but instead are outsourced to external service providers. Therefore, it is sometimes not possible to redeem your flexi-voucher with all hotel offers. An example is a hotel that offers excursions that are carried out by an external partner. In this case, the hotel only keeps a little part of what you are paying for itself. Therefore, you cannot use your flexi-voucher to pay for this service.


To give you a better overview, you will find the section "Where can I redeem my flexi-voucher?" on every hotel page, in which only those offers are listed that can be paid with your flexi-voucher.